a chick from the United Kingdom

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"If you can enter this world knowing your loved, and leave knowing the same, then everything else in between can be dealt with"-MJ.

A Bit About Me;;

  • Im just an Average (WITH the capital) 17year old.
  • I like partying, going out, socialising...which seems like a 'stereotypical' thing to do...but atleast I dont have any weird fetishes right?!
  • I like writing; poetry, prose; because it helps me think, repent, resolve, and rant.
  • I go to college (which isnt the same thing here in England as it is in America), && I study English, Drama and Media.
  • The Future... I want to work in fashion, not as a designer, but PR or marketing, but that doesnt mean Im 'dumbed down'.
  • I tend to worry a lot, about irrelevant things.

Oh...and one last thing...

Im DEFINETELY Team Jacob =)


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