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"Who wouldn't want to write?"

Why do I write?

Why do people write?

They may be bored and have nothing else to do. Or they think writing is fun.

Or they have this emotion, and it's ready to explode out of them, and they can use it for good or for evil. They can become depressed and wish they'd never been born. They can become angry, furious, and direct that hate at an unsuspecting bystander.

But they can also channel the emotion into writing, pouring out all their passion and frustration on a piece of paper (or in this case, the computer). And they make a story.

That's what I like about writing. I can put everything I have into it, and at the end it's not so bad. Like I've had a heavy burden on my back and it's finally been lifted. I feel lighter.

Sometimes, though, I write just to write. Because I feel like writing. Simply because.

Why do you write?


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