a 30-year-old chick from County Durham, United Kingdom

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"I can feel the blood dripping from the wounds on my face and I can feel my heart beating and I can feel the weight of my life beginning to drop and I realize why dawn is called mourning"

I am me, I do not know exactly who that is yet but I am me. At the minute I'm just floating around trying to figure out what I want to do with my life (obviously writing but even John Grisham had a back up career), I am also trying to discover what excites me most and drives me, passions and obsessions etc... I'm doing this by annoying my neighbours with loud music, reading books while I should be working, and generally walking around in a state of confusion trying to absorb all that is around me.

 I have a bad memory and I live inside my own head which makes me seem ignorant, some could say selfish, or just downright stupid, but inside there is a lot going on, more than there is room for, which is why I write, it helps me put things into perspective, in the right order, into a relatively sensible and coherent structure. It allows me to express myself without worrying about the opinions or replies of others. It is an uncontrollable urge which helps me survive.

That's about it really! :-)

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