just a chick from The flat side of the moon!

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"Carlos, a tooth can tell us all kinds of things!" "about the alligator" "...sizee, sex, migration.." "Of the alligator!" "digestive system, is it fast or slow, one day, 2 days, its been 3 days.." "ok" "..maybe the heads still intact." "are you out of your mind? How are you gonna find the one alligator, in a swamp of alligators, that fed on our jane doe?" "with the tooth." "no wonder your partner hates you!" - The glades..

Elephants, horses, pens, and the dark side of the moon. I like screamo music, I can't stand country music (it's like the feeling of a billion suns burning your soul. not good), I like rap, and I can stand other types of music too. I write of course... otherwise my being here would have confused many of you. I'm a thrill seeker, easy and simple, I like anything that moves really fast (except cars.. don't ask me why.. bad stories). Also chocolate. It' I have A.D.D so I'm sorry about how confusing this is... I haven't actually been diagnosed, but if you can't concentrate for more than thirty seconds... you know you have a problem... 

Here are some of my favorite bands in the world...

-Breaking Benjamin

-Escape the Fate

-Asking Alexandria

-Black veil Brides

-Lifehouse (totally random... but look up 'Whatever it takes' amazing!)

-Three Days Grace

-Every minute can kill

-We are the ocean


-Silverstein (not screamo)

-and tons more... 

I like music and suck really bad at writing... so deal with it! 


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