a 23-year-old gentleman from Scotland

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Hey, you've managed to stumble into my little corner. I'm Lewis, 18 from Scotland, home of haggis, kilts, and a very bad stereotype. (To be fair, I *do* have a kilt. Scottish mist FTW!)

As you can tell, I like guitars, I'm currently teaching myself to play, struggling with sweep picking as always. As always, I am constanly afflicted by Gear Aquisition Syndrome and am hunting for a good amp.I also play the cello in an orchestra (badly) and can somewhat play a piano. My life would be seven shades of awesome if I could write, record and gig my own music while building my own guitars.

Musically, I'm influenced by a wide variety of artists. I enjoy Guns N Roses as much as I like a wee bit of Cascada, Necrophagist sits quite happily near miss Katy Perry. German death metal and bubblegum pop are a match made in heaven

Finally finished secondary school, gleefully leaving for Edinburgh university

Reading has always been a great source of pleasure for me, fantasy and sci-fi in particular. Dragons or lasers, either way I'm sold. I was initially shown this site by the good lady Ciara Brady, and that rapscallion Ruthie Kennedy, known as SilverGirl and Miserabilia on this. Give their stuff a read, it's exceptional.

I prefer to write prose fiction, and occasionally dabble in poetry :)

Mon the Biffy!

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