a 17-year-old shorty from Arizona, United States

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"He knew he didn't have the luxury of suicide, and with so much at stake his own suffering hardly mattered."

Well I am a person who loves to read. I've been having a hard time lately but books never fail to cheer me up. When I feel the flow of ideas I quickly whip out my pen that I always carry and a piece of paper and write down my idea. Some times the idea doesn't last but sometimes it does and its the start of a beautiful story. I don't prioritize and I end up having all these beginnings of stories but no ends! The one story I have finished was in fifth grade and it got sent to a short story competition, sadly I didn't place. It still boosted my confidence for awhile.  I'm bad at ending things, so bye!

Wait, Basic stuff: I like any kind of music but prefer Indie pop. :3 And my favorite food is Tacos<3 I like sparkling water. Bye!(:

I will be posting a horror story tomorrow!  4/11/14

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