a 24-year-old guy from nowhere in particular

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"The evil empire is a belief, it's believing we have limitations. You don't. Whether you realise it or not, every single on you is perfect..." - School Of Life

So perhaps it would be prudent to begin with the user name, "InexorableEquanimity". It refers to the way that I feel when I write, an impossible to avoid sense of calming of both mind and temper. It seemed like a good place to start with a username that meant something to me. 

I'm from the UK, and suffer from mild depression. Writing has somewhat become my escape from this. Perhaps that's mildly over-dramatic. But it's the truth, I find that when I'm writing the noise inside my head fades away and thus it helps. 

I'm pretty self-conscious about my writing (we are of course our own worst critics as I'm sure many will appreciate) however the idea of not writing scares me and that seems to be slipping further and further into routine. This began to cause alarm and so I decided that I would begin to in a way 'force' myself to write. Although 'force' is perhaps to strong a word, coerce may be better. 

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