a 22-year-old dudette from The Mighty Scotland, United Kingdom

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"The average millionaire is just the average dishwasher, dressed in a new suit. George Orwell; Down and Out in Paris and London"


Name's Rebecca.




I like to think I'm a bit of an indie kid (who would've guessed!). I like my sweet indie pop and mind-blowing rock and I live my life to a soundtrack of music and lyrics. I love poetry more than anything. I can't write it, but I LIVE to read it.

I'm from PURE MAD MENTAL GLESCA MAN! I love my city. Every time I breathe its polluted, smoky air, and walk on its chewing-gum covered streets, and visit its quirky little shops and quirky little houses and theatres, I think how lucky I am to call it my spiritual home.

I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. I pray a lot, every single day. It's the only thing that keeps me sane I swear. Well, that and my friends. And my writing. Family don't really help in the sanity department, but what can you do?

Anyway, I've got a couple of stories and crap going on, just take a wee look.

They're cool.

So's yer face!


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