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Hey there, the name's Kim. : )

My writing is the most important thing in the world to me - besides my beloved sister, of course - and I take it quite seriously. I want to be a writer, like many of you I'm sure. Therefore constructive critism is very much appreciated!

Also, if something in my story strikes as "Wow, that's an awesome idea," or, "You know what, that's not very good," take the idea and roll with it. Build on my story, make it better, if you can.

My biggest dream is to share the people in my head with others, to express my feelings, my fantasys through my writing and if you can do that better then I can, share the lives of my characters. I only have one request: change their names. Seems odd, I know, but if I read about the lives that are based on my fiction and you destroy my vision of them, I'd be sad. Those people would be altered for the rest of my life, and those friends would never be the same to me.

Let me though, okay? If you take my idea and roll with it. I'd be thrilled to know you love my stories, and I'd really enjoy seeing what you do with it.

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