a 17-year-old dude from Chiang Mai, Thailand

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"We all make choices; but in the end, our choices make us." -Andrew Ryan, Bioshock

My name is Jasper (Or Inc_ndesc_nt). I love to write, draw and game. I have no consistent schedule, so I post at random times. If you want to see my artwork, go to Deviantart.

So, what genres to I write in?
I write in the genres of Quantum fiction, Science fiction and occasionally fantasy. I do not write direct profanity into my works, so unless you're squeamish with minor violent description, you're not going to be disgusted.

However, if you're looking for shallow action stories, then go read something else. I often work in deeper meanings and messages into my writing, sometimes I write full on philosophy. So, if you want to enjoy my writing to its fullest, have an open mind.

Also: lizards. I like lizards. A lot.

Expect lizards.

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