a 20-year-old female from the United States

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"Good begins with evil, and evil is here to stay."

I am a high school student whose English is terrible. I have a problem with grammar, but hey, who doesn't? Writer's block likes to spend its vacation around me so I tend to be unable to write most of the time even if I have an idea in my mind. I like to collaborate with people due to the fact that we can help each other out. Especially with me and my horrible writer's block. I don't like people who just goes and say, "Oh, yeah, sure. Let's do that." I don't like people who does that because it makes me feel like I'm taking charge of everything. And when I take charge of everything, it's really hard for the other person to actually get in touch with the story.

I'm rambling on like an idiot. Which reminds me, I also write blogs... write blogs? Is that how you say it? I don't know, but I think I should stop.

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