a 19-year-old girl from in depression land a lot now, United States

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What's up:

I'm a senior and I'm hating school so much.

And I am still having a very hard time in trying to write what will happen next in my story Crimson Sweat. Any ideas people? 

About me:
I'm a 18 year old, fun, hyper, simi klutz, black haired (with my blond roots showing >:l ), music lover,  book lover, writer, paino player, and Euro History nerd.  I'm a mormon and i'm PROUD of it. Also my favorite month is October.

Colors: all colors
Food: Meet, sweets and strawberries
Books: too many:)
Movies: depends on my mood
Season: Winter and Fall
Clothing: t-shirts, skinny jeans, sweat shirts, and tank tops.
Shoes: Convers, Airwalks and boots

If you need to email me, email me @ sabrinamaurer95@gmail.com


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