a 24-year-old dame from the United States

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"End of Flashback" "Bus" -a most preposterous comic I wrote when I was 12.

I'm pretty much a teenage girl. 17 as of Jan 9! I don't do well with these about me things because I never really know who I am. I've got so many sides and identities it's ridiculous, and I love to express them through my characters and other imaginative outlets. I dress up a lot. What I wear to school is far from consistent, ranging from a suit and tie to a cape... occasionally I'll do something fun like spike my hair or paint my eyelids red. Just anything that strikes my fancy at the time. Anyway, everything I write is about my original characters. One of my friends role-plays with me nearly every day, and we each control about 20 different characters (typically only a few at a time are important... but we still have mad skills). So join me for a trip into my world.

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