a 22-year-old fellow from some Mellow Yellow Jello, United States

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"Mellow Yellow Jello is too good for kids! - The Fellow from some Mellow Yellow Jello (he feels mellow)"

Yes, I'm from some Mellow Yellow Jello... in my head at least.......... Aw, who am I kidding? I've never even had Mellow Yellow Jello.  Have you ever had Mellow Yellow Jello?  I can't even imagine having Mellow Yellow Jello let alone EATING Mellow Yellow Jello!!!  I'm not sure I would even like Mellow Yellow Jello.  Do you think you might like Mellow Yellow Jello?  I'm not sure I would want to eat Mellow Yellow Jello.  Would you want to eat Mellow Yellow Jello?  I'm A Mellow Yellow Jello Fellow that's feeling quite Mellow!!!  BELLOW FO MELLOW YELLOW JELLO FELLOW'S THAT FEEL MELLOW EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!

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