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"Turn your face to the sun and shadows fall behind you." -Maori Proverbs

Works currently in progress

1. Crazy Little Love Story: Small town girl Katie Holms never dreamed that she'd ever have the luck of running into gorgeous, mega famous, boy band sensation, Eden Sioux, of Alpha Centauri. But after a terrible accident leaves Katie in the hospital with her frantic mother and an unpromising note of goodbye, she think it's the end of it. Until her mother decides to take off to Italy for the summer to write yet another one of her well known Shannon Monroe mystery novels and leaves her daughter in the hands of her crazy, alcoholic aunt--who happens to be the dance choreographer of the group! Is this another chance for Katie to get to know her favorite boybander? Or will this turn out to be yet another disaster?

2. S.A.U. (Something About U): Life is anything but lovely for fifteen-year-old Nina Van Bertenschmere. In fact, she's hated everywhere: at school with her peers, at home with her family, and in other places by people she doesn't even know. But after one trip to a party gets out of hand and has her spent packing to Chagrin Heights under the care of an unknown grandmother, will Nina's life take a turn for the worse and earn her more enemies? Or will she find a place where she can finally feel loved?

3. She Wishes: He's her Prince Charming, but she's not his Cinderella? That's the story for Scarlet Reinhardt, who finds herself still madly in love with Colby Flagstone, who just happen's to be her best friend's boyfriend and the apple of every other girl's eye. Despite his ridiculing her after her heartfelt confession so long ago, Scarlet still finds herself longing for him and she both loves and hates herself for it. But after a sudden proposal of friendship from Colby has Scarlet elated and Sierra suddenly evasive and distant. Is there trouble in paradise for the happy couple? And will Scarlet have her way with Colby?

4.) Cry of Destiny: His name is Sky because of his eyes. Eyes as clear and brillant as a perfect summer sky. But there is nothing perfect about his life. Not when he's the son of Ian Joshua, the notorious convict responsible for murdering many. And worse of all, scarring his existence. But Sky will learn that there is more to his parents' past then he knew and that not everything is how it appears to be. 

5.) Hollow PlaneT: It's 2044 and the world that once stood united as one is in ruins, a huge portion of mankind's population viciously torn away by that of Big Impact back in 2012 on the much loathed doomsday, December 21. Now, 30 years later, 15-year-old Asa Haarmajarvi will tell you his as a young man living such a destructive life. But there's one problem. He's an Abeyta.

6. Call Of The Zodiac: Darkness is approaching, danger is increasing, lives are being lost, chaos is a knock away, and it's all to the Guardians of the Zodiac to stop it. Question is, are they strong enough to stand against the might of Ophiuchus? Aspen Fischer didn't expect her move to Chagrin Heights to be so catastrophic. Only for her, things are about to get so much worse. 

7. A Walk Through Hell: Six months have passed since Arriella Ramon lost her father to a drunk driver. Or so she was told. The details surrounding the accident remain shrouded in mystery and leave her and her family trapped in a world of unhappiness. Enter Saido Sonata, a mysterious boy who seems to know a lot of the after life and the strange circumstances that took Arriella's father away. So what happens when the veil between the living and the dead is torn and both teens are tasked with the responsibility of repairing it?

8. Helix: City of Angels: Leila Daniels was not thrilled when she and her father left their lives behind to begin a new one with her new stepmother and her son. As time goes by, tension rises, tempers spark, and secrets long thought to be dead are dragged out into the light. So what happens when Leila and Duke wake up and find themselves trapped in the world of Helix?

9. Gotcha!: Julie Reinhardt had anything but a glamorous life. In fact, it was filled with one disastrous moment after the next. She's the target of her hunkie childhood tormentor Byron McAllister, on the verge of losing her job at the library, shunned by her peers, overly depended on by her parents, and only has her blog as any source of comfort. So what happens one sunny afternoon in Social Studies when Mr. Olsen decides to stick her in a group of fellow social outcasts: Duke Marvin the Skater Boy, Wayde Harris the Choir Geek, Bridgette Benedict the Blonde Barbie, Skylar Meadows the Religious Hippie, Javier Castro the sex-crazed Womanizer, and Michelle Jiang the sadistic Rocker Chick? How will she cope? Is this the beginning of a new, lost-lasting friendship? Or will this turn out to be yet another disaster?


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