a 17-year-old git from the weird side of the rainbow

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"She can paint a pretty picture, but the story has a twist. Her paintbrush is her razor and her canvas is her wrist"

Hi :) I'm kind of a shy person and poetry is what I do. I write horrid prose, and angst teen poetry, haha.  I'm just here to gain critiques on my work, and I'll critique what you've written as well, if you ask :) 

I'm one of those people who kind of just sulks around, so my presence here will probably be consistently creepy.

I like punk rock, pop, dubstep, classic rock (a little), and practically everything that involves music, except for country (although I do love a bit of Johnny Cash every once and a while).  An example of some of the many people/groups I listen to:

  • My Chemical Romance (I really did love their first album more than the others. Really truly.)
  • Black Veil Brides (Cool.)
  • The Pretty Reckless (One of my woman crushes right there :o)
  • Mindless Self Indulgence (Heh.)
  • Blood On The Dance Floor (Okey, so maybe they sing some interesting stuff. I'm cool with that.)
  • Die Antwoord (Just. So. Funny.)
  • Evanescence (Amy's voice is gorgeous)
  • Flyleaf (My first favorite band.)
  • Three Days Grace
  • The Killers (Yay!)
  • Muse (Sometimes.)
  • The B52's (loveee SHACK xD)
  • And more and more and more.

I like sharpies, my hamster, and photography. I'm a writer, and I suck. Everyone in my family has tried to write a novel. All of them gave up, in like, a week. So yeah, that's my future.

I dye my hair really obnoxious colors to irritate people who like normality. And my mother. Mostly my mother.

If you get to know me, I'm rather annoying. I lack the patience to know a person very well, generally. 

I swear, uh, a lot, (one of my many problems I'm too lazy to fix), but I'm gonna refrain from it here, because most people don't appreciate it.

I also edit this constantly because I hate it every time I read it over, haha.

Peace out, penguins ^-^

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