a 27-year-old guy from Nottingham, Portugal

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"Exilamos os deuses e fomos exilados da nossa inteireza" - Sophia de Mello Breyner, great portuguese writer, translated literally: " We exiled the gods and we were taken away from our wholeness. (sorry if you can't make out the meaning but translating poems is very troublesome)

Hi people from Protagonize! So I come from the amazing Portugal and I'm currently studying Genetics in Nottingham University in England.

Interests: I love to read, my friends give me strange looks when I say i'm going to Waterstones (again). I also draw a bit and I love photography. I'm currently trying to learn around six different pieces in the piano which is a real challenge since I only had one year in the Conservatory. I'm absolutely fanatic by japanese manga and Anime xD.

I sometimes write short little stories to myself and don't let other people read them but I decided to join this community and learn from all of you and you learning from my mistakes. Most of the time I only write a few paragraphs of the idea I have and then stop. I'm that kind of writer that works in his subconscious and it only comes out when it is finally "baked":P

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