a 30-year-old gentleman from Southern Africa

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"If knowledge is wealth then wisdom is the currency and time the market."

I'm an entertainer and I've been into entertainment since I can remember. Some people would say I have an overactive imagination when I was growing up and didn't quite get what they meant until recently when I realised just how crazy active my imagination is. I love words and how they express our inner most feelings and thoughts and how they can be used to tell stories that inspire generations and shape ways of doing things. 

I've been writing poems since I was a teenager and used to sell some of them to friends, making cards for their girlfriends lol, yeah good ol days. It's only recently that I decided to write short stories and novels, not quite sure how that will turn out but I'm hoping for the best. I love Hip Hop, RnB and Dancehall and I've been djaying these genres since 2008 when I discovered I actually had a talent for it. I'm looking to get into song writing as well.

I hope you find my work worth your while and look forward to hearing from you about it. I'll definitely be reading your work, let's connect as we entertain the world. 

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