just a girl from Alaska- ish not really.

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"Existence— well, what does it matter? I've existed for the best use I can, the past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand. - Ian Curtis"

Hey :) 

My name's Summer.

I don't tend to come on this website as often as I used to, and I haven't written in a little while, but if you message me asking about a story i've forgotten about i'll take a look and write something.


I listen to all typed of music, literally it can range from old punk like the sex pistols and joy division, the buzzcocks to the cinematic orchestra, ed sheeran, professor green and the twang. Any music that sounds like good music i'd probably be interested. 


I don't really have any. I'm not an interesting person. I'm really badly addicted to facebook and diet coke. Truthfully- I eat a lot of @^#! and don't gain weight. I wear make up like a normal teenage girl, and at the moment i'm just being an ordinary teenager and deliberately trying to blend in with the crowd, but hopefully as I get older i'll start to understand that you get respected more for standing up and being different.

I have a terrible obsession with banksy graffiti, because if i'm honest he is the smartest man in the world.

I'd like to say I spend my spare time singing or playing an instrument or doing sport, but I don't. I sing sometimes, and I own a guitar that I wish i could play. You wouldn't ever catch me doing sports. 

I will never ever love or be more obsessed with any man more than Ian Curtis. He is the most interesting, gorgeous, baby eyed person I have ever come across and ever will.

-Other random ^*&#? 

I hate preps. Even though I hang out with loads, and people say I look like one because I have blonde hair.  I hate girls that are gorgeous and wear jack wills with super hot boyfriends and play netball. I haven't read a book in ages- which I hate to admit. I'm now dramatically dropping in school which is a load of bollocks, but i'm praying i'll pick myself up again. Daydream looadss, which is gay but true. If a camera is next to me, I will look at it, and take photo's of random stuff with it. I LOVE THE POSTERS ON MY WALL.

Uhh, I think I'm done, haha cheers if you were bored enough to read this.

Lots of love, xxx

-facebook below, add me if you fancy a chat. (:  

p.s- im not really from alaska.

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