a 36-year-old male from Mississippi, United States

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"“Hope is a good thing - maybe the best thing, and no good thing ever dies” - Stephen King"

In the realm of dreams and nightmares,I stand awake and focused as others sleep.Call me a night owl or a raving insomniac but I cannot rest while overstocked with ideas.If being creative was a disease,I'd be quarantined. Most of what I produce would make great tissue paper for an I.B.S. sufferer but I keep writing,drawing,painting,and anything else that involves me being creative.

Contrary to the above I'm not emo or gothic.I'm a aficionado of the horror genre.I love to be scared and I find most horror movies a great method of creative expression. I get my inspiration from my girlfriend(Casey),movies,music,Hershey(my 9-year-old chocolate Labrador),and life in general.


If I'm not being creative I'm dying. Plain and simple.

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