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"I'm in love with you, and I'm not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. - Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars"

I am not a housecat. 

Actually, right about now I'm being forced to be one. Because of lovely infections of the throat and lungs making me unable to breathe if I move around too much, meaning my mother is forcing me to be bedridden. And it is absolutely horrible, aside from the fact that I don't have to make my own tea. 

I'm notorious for wearing dresses twenty-four/seven and attempting to take pictures from moving car windows and having multiple musical instruments that I have no idea how to play.

I can sing, though!

I don't like writing in pencil, and I have a lot of books. I have a Kindle that I very rarely use, and perhaps if it was a regular Kindle instead of a Kindle Fire, I would, but probably not. I like my real books. Nothing ever compares.

I mean, for one thing, you don't get the book smell with a Kindle. And that is a very important part of the experience.

I'm best friends with my mother and a girl who is practically my twin sister and my exboyfriend.

I'm an idiot. 

I love Hank and John Green. I love Nerdfighteria. I love Vlogbrothers. I especially love The Fault in Our Stars.

I love elephants and giraffes and bears and kittehs. 

I love tea and coffee both equally. There's a time for each. I take my coffee black and my tea rather sweet. 

I don't like fitting in. 

I have trouble posting my writing. Not because of a sort of stage fright type of thing, but because I don't think about it and I have yet to finish a draft of anything and I'd kind of like to revise before I go posting things. I'll try, though!

I'm kind of horrible at making friends :( I do try, though!

The aforementioned exboyfriend is tempting me to make a vlog. I am so tempted to.

I am a self-proclaimed gypsy.

I am a lover of blue skies and fall leaves and road trips and far away places. I am addicted to late nights and most hot caffeinated beverages.

I am a girly girl, queen of red lipstick, painted nails, high heels, and lace, but I will ALWAYS get along better with males. I would rather talk about video games (although I suck at them) and play sports (I suck at those, too) than sit on the sidelines and play petty drama games with girls.

Speaking of drama, I'm a theatre nerd with a loud mouth and a knack for pushing my luck.

Red is my absolute favorite color.

My bag that I take with me everywhere is huge and heavy and packed to the brim. AT LEAST two notebooks, one book, a plethora of pens, my camera, my knitting, a calculator, a snack, some gum, some cough drops, more than likely a bottle of water, some aspirin..... What can I say? I am the owner of a modern day Mary Poppins bag. 

I don't sleep much. I don't like sleeping. Caffeine, yes. Sleep, no.

I like fluffy writing. Actually, I like most anything if it's written well and it pulls me in. If it doesn't pull me in... Fat chance. I write angsty-yet-still-fluffy works, and I like getting (constructively) critiqued.

I have a recently renewed faith in love and in not spending my entire life alone with a bunch of cats and books. Not because of someone, but because of a book. So, instead I will be spending my life with someone and/or various people and a bunch of cats and books.

Either way, the cats and books are a given.

Leave me a note, ask me to read something! I don't bite, I promise! {well, unless I really like you and I still won't bite too hard}

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