a 28-year-old man from Baghdad, Iraq

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"If I must choose between peace and righteousness, then I must choose righteousness." -Theodore Roosevelt

I'm Steven. How're you liking me so far?

About me? I'm 19 years old. I've been writing for about eight years. I try to be humble about my work…but one thing I've found over the years is that if I get scathing criticism, it has to be from somebody I acknowledge as my better. That's when I tend to get angry, indignant, and extremely cocky.

But most times, I'm not like that. Everybody has room for improvement as a writer. Especially me. That's why I love posting on sites like these. People give feedback that help me better myself as a writer and pick up on things that I miss during my self-editing.

Collaborative writing is something new to me. My theory is that all writers secretly have a God complex and I plead guilty to that theory. I like having total control of the characters. But maybe there can be more than one god in town?

-Steven Hildreth, Jr

Baghdad, Iraq

12 May 2008

I'm a soldier in the United States Army, so I'll get on as I can, but seeing as I'm in a Third World country/battlezone, my access may be hindered.

So, you never did answer my question from before. How do you like me so far? ;)

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