a funky monkey from the United States

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Recently, I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Information and Library Science. Labeling me a geek would be correct, but I have no problem with that because in most ways I am very much the geek. As most people can guess, being that I want to become a librarian but have yet to snag that perfect job, I love reading. As many avid readers know, that it is the first step along the path of wanting to write.

Having tried my hand, at role playing in a Star Wars (you cannot totally see, yes, I am a geek) I am starting to write for myself. One of my friends suggested, trying coming here and starting to write a little, so… sadly for all of you I am here.

My first language is not English, so at times I am a little embarrassed about my grammar. Surprisingly, after years of practice I am getting better at it. So here, I am to try out something new.

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