a 22-year-old chick from Wales, United Kingdom

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"It's Like Your My Exact Brand Of Heroin" "And So The Lion Fell In Love with The Lamb" "Bring On The Shakles, I Am Your Prisinor" "Do I Dazzle You?" "Frequently." - Twilight Series.

I love reading alot (: as youu can probably tell....

I am completly and utturly obsessed with the Twilight Series ! I LOVE Edward Cullen :) They r definatly my favorite books ever, and Stefeni Meyer is my favorite auther, She is very talented..her other book The Host is great too :D Love the movie too Twilight...Robet Pattison ;) ...Can't wait till New Moon comes out :P

I love the Harry Potter books too, J.K Rowling has got a great imagination. I love Sharon Creech's books too: Finding Redbird, Bloomability, Walk Two Moons. Terry Pratchet, Stardust

Im not that good, but i do like writing short stories and things like that, so i thought i'd give it a go on here :)

Erm...I like drawing too, sports, being with friends and lots more things lol

Any thing else youu wanna kno, just start talking to me :) x

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