a 48-year-old dude from Lock Haven, PA, United States

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I’m just an average guy. Nothing remarkable here. I have a wonderful family along with some pets. I write (speculative fiction and and any freelance work I can grab — mainly encyclopedia articles right now.) in any spare time I can find. I play racquetball and run to keep in shape. I stay in shape mainly so I can keep up with my son.

I work as a server admin. I’m not a lover of all things technology however. Sometimes simpler is better. I love computer games, but find I have to choose writing over gaming if I’m to get any done.

I read as much as I can and like s/f, fantasy, horror…well, lots of stuff except mystery and romance. I play Go and wish I was better but it’s all about practice and learning; just like life. I also love music -- mostly anything other than country and rap.

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