a 23-year-old cat from Michigan, United States

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       Hello there. =3 My name is Heaven and I am 17 years old. I would say im a creative person. I love art, painting, drawing, creating, I love it all. Also I like to write. (obviously XP) I go to a club after school every wensday called "Writers Club." I always get ideas for a story and want to write it out. Only 1 problem I have with writting is I normally dont finish a story. i tend to make my stories long and I'm just a bit bad a finishing them. I hoping to change that tho with this website. Just post a comment on how you liked my story or how i could improve and it deffinately will inspire me to keep writing. (just be nice please >.<)

Also i always listen to music when i write i cant write without music. it inspires me and puts me in the mood to write. My Fav Bands. The Gazette, Phantasmagoria, Girugamesh, Vocaloid, Framing Hanley, Miyavi, ect. I mainly like J-Rock/ Visual Kei most of all. =3

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