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"Fear is a product of our imagination. Causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. -Will Smith"

My name is Heaven Campbell. I have 4 brothers no sisters and i am the only girl. I fell in love with someone i cant have. They changed my life and i only wish to do the same for them. They're the reason i write poetry. When i feel in love, they were my motivation to do something i enjoy doing. After confessing my love for them, we parted. However, we remain semi friends. But i continue to write for them hoping one day they'd actually take the time to read it. They remain in my heart in on my mind with every passing day. I love them unconditionally no matter how much they hurt me. My love for them grows stronger still despite the surrounding cold. They took my nightmares and created my dreams. They stole my frown and opened my eyes to the joy around. To risk my life for them would still seem too little for the favor in return. My poems are from my chest nd into the hearts of others. Maybe one day it'll be in theirs.

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