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"The location of the heart is not important. What it says is important. If we try to attend to the heart,then slowly it begins to speak; that's what you call the conscience, and the more you listen, the more loud it becomes, powerful it becomes. Then you get the guidance from inside - now you want guidance from outside. P.Rajagopalachari."

Have seen most of my friends and family doing a lot more materially productive at my age,their expectations being quite similar from me. My heart just didn't let me go the usual way. May be I could feel things at my age that generally people didn't or may be it is my way of making myself feel special, Doesn't really matter as I am happy with where I have landed with my heart always telling me that there is a long way to go.

Writing isn't something I plan and do,it just happens mostly.The very first poem and verses I wrote were on scraps of paper that I could find while doing "the productive" works of life. The need of writing is more like my heart's call,the more I listen, the more there is to pen down.

In this world of madness,love,recklessness,care,callousness,compassion,pain,empathy and so much more,there is need to to find your way back to a place where you know what you hear is what isn't tainted by any external forces and from there comes the real string of pearls,not wanting recognition or appreciation,just waiting to be felt.

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