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"You'll never accomplish something by laying on your ass. You'll accomplish something by working off your ass."

I love writing fantasy. I have one dog, named Sandy. I have one sibling, (sister). I have two amazing and supportive parents. (Love you!)
I am 13 years old. I live in Virginia. My birthday is August.
I have six best friends named Taya, Mikayla, Tyana, Nicole, Jane, and Shannon. They have gotten me through thick and thin, and I for them.
I started writing when I was very young. My mom had paid a babysitter to watch my sister and I and while my sister slept, I was up and energized. I kept getting into trouble when I would run around the house trying to find something to do. Then my babysitter finally got tired of it, so she gave me a piece of paper, and a pencil and told me to write about what I loved. So I wrote about my dad, and how I was 'prude' of him for going into service. (That's how I spelled proud back then...) I ended up writing four and a half pages. No one could read it though because my handwriting was awful. But I could read it, and I knew what it said. I had never told anyone until my dad came home. He was so proud he took me out for ice cream. (I love Ice Cream!)
My family has stayed with me when I always begged for new notebooks, that I would waste on writing junk in. Then I would go buy some more and try to actually do something with the junk I wrote down. It was always a process that my parents never got used to, yet they still went with it. I love them or that. (And because they take care of me, and feed me. Duh.)

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