a girl from the United Kingdom

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"I live in terror of not being misunderstood."

Harriet was born in the early nineteen-nineties as the last of three children. She lives in the north of England in an old, rambling Edwardian house that's falling down around her, and spends most of her time immersed in various fantasy worlds. She loves reading, writing, philosophizing, and all things beautiful. She's also developed this funny habit of talking in third person and being really very pretentious, no one's sure where that came from...

She's somewhere in her teens, rather short of stature with dark hair and a rather dry sense of humour. She loves history, exotic places and oranges, but despises being taken too seriously. If you're friendly, she just might give you a hug and call you sweetheart, darlin' or old chap. She also likes packs of cards from an aesthetic point of view, but fails at any kind of game. She's at a complete loss when it comes to this obsession with sports.

Harriet Usher doesn't believe in fairies, but she would dearly like to.

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