a 39-year-old female from the United Kingdom

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"Some people beleive in God, I beleive in music... You know, some people pray, I turn up the radio..."

Hi everyone :)

Well, what can I tell you about myself then? Ho-hum, let's see... Right, I am 33 and a British female. I work in the Probation Service which really isn't as glam as it sounds, trust me!

I do meet some intersting characters though and some of their traits filter through in my fiction. Not that my characters have been soley based on one person because the people I meet never quite fit the direction my stories head in. What I mean is a certain way of speaking or a behaviour trait may be used at some point. I guess that is called observational character building.

Themes of my writing would be crime, psychology and the occasional gothic influence. More than anything I write thrillers with maybe a hint of romance. Tragedy also features highly in my work.

I began as a fan-fiction writer but am branching into original fiction so opinions are welcome :)

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