a 23-year-old gentleman from Skipton, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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I am not a passionate soul by nature, most probably because I can see both faults and strengths in everyone and everything.

 I am not religious or spiritual. In fact I am quite fiercely atheistic, but I do have respect and interest in certain lesser known, lesser accepted faiths e.g. Satanism and many Pagan religions.

My interests are few but diverse: I am an afficionado of classical music and heavy metal, I enjoy drama (and have been known to write scripts) and play the guitar and saxophone... badly.

I have a fairly apathetic view of the world, but I occasionally feel sufficiently stimulated to attempt to better myself in some way, and creative writing, as well as socialising, is an example of this.

The only sin is hurting others unnecessarily.

My writing is usually detailed recordings of thoughts that keep me awake at night - a reflection of the twilight between conciousness and oblivion.

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