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In Progress:      

  • Evolution of Insanity (ch. 4) -- 43%
  • Time Is Short (ch. ) -- 4%
  • Release (near finished, but not up yet) -- 77%

About Me:   I'm William; Bill to my friends, Billy to my family, Ghostbuster to my really good friends, and Billiam to my enemies. I'm 13, I hail from America , and I LOVE writing. Writing is my outlet.  I'm just a kid now, but I think I have something going for me. I wrote a novel when 9 and a series of five screenplays from when I was just 10. I started my first mature-themed novel when I was 11, the year I finally got a taste of what this life is all about. I hope for a career as a part-time novelist, and my old dream was to publish a somewhat well-known book by the time I was thirteen. That didn't work, and it wouldn't be that much of an accomplishment either, so my new goal is to publish a somewhat well-known adult novel by the time I'm a Sophomore. I'm in 8th grade (I skipped one grade) and I have some big dreams. Meanwhile, I'm content to kick my feet up and spend some time with my pencil (that wasn't innuendo, by the way...).

As a note, Hansel was the pseudonym I used when I was a really young writer.

Welcome to my life! It's cozy here, I assure you, and although sometimes confusing and emotional, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Stay awhile, have some cocoa, and sit near the fire. Maybe one day, hopefully, you'll see my name on the back of that novel you love so much.

Live love, and love life.

Favorites:   Band/Song: MSI "Tight"   Author/Novel: Stephen King "Lisey's Story"    Hobby: Writing, blogging, duh :)

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