a 25-year-old ragamuffin from the United Kingdom

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"Jesus Rollerblading Christ on a Popsicle Stick"

Facts about me. 

  • I live in the UK
  • I love tattoos
  • I love cats, and have four of them - Tiggy, Salem, Loki and Kyrian. 
  • My favourite gaming platform are the Playstations. 
  • I love to read. 
  • I was published when I was in school in a young writers program called T.A.L.E.S. (I cannot remember what they stood, sorry)
  • I am a collector of all things Marvel and Cuddly toys. 
  • I am weird. 

I'm pretty annoying in that I will write the same names in everything, even if it is not the same characters. I am really bad a writing from a male's perspective but I'm trying to fix that. I love building nanoblock figures and have a shelf covered in them. I'm pretty crafty, in that I know how to knit, make friendship bracelets and loom band bracelets. I also used to make cards for different occasions. 

I am an avid listening to Rooster Teeth's The Patch, their Podcast and I watch Achivement Hunter's Minecraft Let's Play's. I also watch Markiplier, listen to Starbomb and try to sing like SHINee a South Korean boy band. 

This is all  I can think of at the moment, if you want to know more message me. I'm up for Collaborations and welcome all critiques of my work. 

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