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A woman came up to Churchill and said "you are drunk!" and to that, Churchill replied "yes madam, and you are ugly, but tomorrow, I shall be sober."

Well, hi everybody out there - budding readers and writers!!!

I’m not much brilliant at writing, or so I don’t think (if that made any sense whatsoever), but you might think differently.

I’m not really even sure what to put in this space.

Seems like a good idea to write something though ;D

I haven't been on here in over a year, which sucks really, so I'm going to PROMISE (although that's a loose sense of the word) to come on here AT LEAST once a month, preferably more; I go to a creative writing group now and so hopefully I'll find myself wanting to post things on here for all to read and give me constructive criticism!

Well, read, write, whatever, comment, rate, the usual requests :P

Ciao for now!


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