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"Minecraft: Where you can cut trees with porkchops."

I. Like. Writing. I. Have. Parts. Ready. To. Write. But. I. Never. Have. The. Whole. Story. Complete. Because. I. Can't. Think. Completely. Because. I. Donated. Half. My. Brain. To. Science. So. You. Could. Say. I. Can. Only. Make. Half. Baked. Ideas. Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh. Wait. What's. This. My. Brain. Was. Rejected. Apparently. The. Red. Cross. Doesn't. Do. Medical. Testing. Give. Me. A. Second. To. Reinstall. It. ...

Alright, now back to buisness. Huh, too bad I finished already. Oh well. I'll add more when I can think again.

But really, I do just start stories. It seems as if I can think of beginnings and endings, but I can't think of the middle. And when I get other people to do it, my awesome endings don't fit anymore.

Also, did I mention I'm an anime and manga addict?

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