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I guess I always liked creative writing at school, it's been one of the few aspects of English I'm good at, I won a poem competition at my old school, but it was terrible, however I was quite young and it was a feat of the giants at that age, especially for me.

I pride myself in having a small vocabulary, with only a few big words in, not that I'm stupid, I'm just happy with what I know, so bare with me if I have no clue what you're on about.

The reason why I'm called 'Hades' is 'cause that's the nickname people (and when I mean people, I, of course mean myself) call me, because of what music I listen to in my free time, like Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, Opeth, Rammstein and others. I've sort of embraced it, if you know what I mean. The music has sort of come to define me (not in a good way either, I'm rather misanthropic, as I'm pretty sick of humanity and what it's become. The only thing keeping me sane is school and my Girlfriend, but that's another story), so if anything I'll post more lyrics than anything else, and they won't be on positive matters either. Just warning you.

I doubt I'll write much though 'cause I got a lot going on, but I may add and favourite the few odd things. I've decided never to write a story either, those things are too longwinded and I don't have a large enough attention span for them, nor do I gain much inspiration for them. So it's poems and lyrics all the way, wahay! (You see, I rhymed!) Most of what I post will probably come from school work anyways, so don't expect big things.

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