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"Thinking of Collabing with a friend, hope she agrees :)"

I have this feeling, that by me being the wallflower I am, I probably wont have very many people attracted to what I find "decent" in my writing.

I like writing, but sometimes I forget the existence of what I've written....and I just stop writing all together. So I don't really get much done...as you can probably see by my story "Dream"....I haven't really done much with it....(>.>;)

I mostly write Poems and creative stories....people like to try and tell me that I can write, but sometimes my heart cant really keep up with what I get told and I feel that what I write is not actually that "Decent." So hopefully I can step out of my bubble and not be afraid of what the outcome may be.

And if you are one of those few people who actually read "Dream" Fanks....I know my Run-ons and grammar errors are annoying. -Bows- But thanks for trying to read it.

My Identity?
is a secret. (Check out my tumblr, maybe you can figure it out :P)

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