a 21-year-old girl from Essex, United Kingdom

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"Totus Mundus Agit Historium - The world is a playhouse."

Hello Readers,

What can I say about me? Well, I have always loved writing and am always living with my head in the clouds. Some other hobbies include acting, hiking (does it count if I walk to the shops and back for chocolate...?), reading, drawing, hanging out with my friends and swimming.

Appearance wise, I have three tattoos. The one on my back is a small ankh, the one on my right ankle is a wolf howling at the moon and on my chest are the words Totus Mundus Agit Historium which means is where the phrase, the world is a stage comes from. My tattoos mean something to me, showing my past (the Latin words), my present (the wolf) and my future (the ankh as I am going to University to study Archaeology).

If anyone has any questions or just wants to chat, I am always up for saying hey :)

Enjoy reading!

Here are some works which I am proud to be a part of;


~ Meeting Her >Meeting Her in Meeting Her. on Protagonize > in progress.

~ Filios Autem Deos > Summary in Filios Autem Deos. on Protagonize > in progress.

~The Supernova Guild > Story Infomation (by H.C.Chapman) in The Supernova Guild. on Protagonize > in progress.

~ The Lost Night - Sequel to The Endless Night > The Lost Night. - sequal to The Endless Night in The Lost Night. - sequal to The Endless Night. on Protagonize > in progress/on hold.

~ The Endless Night.The Endless Night in The Endless Night. on Protagonize > completed.

~ Trapped 2: Betrayal >Trapped 2: Betrayal on Protagonize > completed.

~ Trapped Trapped on Protagonize > completed.


~ Legends of Rune. > The Last Day of Sun in Legends of Rune. on Protagonize in progress. 

~ Fire Heart - When Gods Fall > Version 1 of 'Fire Heart - When Gods Fall' on Protagonize > in progress.

~ Friendship > July 18th 2018 in Friendship. on Protagonize > in progress.

~ Donnie the Dragon > Donnie the Dragon in Donnie the Dragon. on Protagonize > completed.

~ Fire Heart Fire Heart on Protagonize > updating.

~ 641 Darkness > Now Or Never - Sneak Peek in 641 Darkness. on Protagonize > in progress/on hold.

~ Witch Hunt Witch Hunt on Protagonize > completed.

~ Another Potter Fanfic Another Potter Fanfic on Protagonize > in progress/on hold.

If you would like to discuss anything; you are more than welcome to drop me a line on my profile or an email at HCChapmanOfficial@outlook.com




:D Have Fun Protagonize People :D


~ H.

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