a 30-year-old dame from Canada

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"I call Architecture Frozen Music-Doethe"

Hi My name is Danikka

Iv'e been a writer ever since I was 12 I believe. I have about 25 notebooks/Journals full of my thoughts. I usually write up to about 4 pages a day and am currently working on a Novel and it's called The Story of Everything Beautiful or Ugly, and it's pretty much about the beauty in Beautiful Sorrow and Humble happiness that everyone experiences as we go through life told through Narration. I have hypergraphia which means you compulsively write obsessively and can't help it. But that does not take away from the fact that it still came from inspiration, just that you pretty much can't handle it when you forget what it is you were inspired about when your mind was racing a mile a minute soo much that your hand couldn't keep up with your mind. Tis' a blessing and a curse, this racing mind. I'm usually most inspired at the ill hours of the night which is a big reason why iv'e remained an insomniac since I was 9.

Other then wiriting, I also spend my time, painting, drawing, singing, playing the guitar, taking photography, reading, listening to music and chillen with my friends.

As for my personality, I would say it's multifaceted in the way that there's always something new about me and my emotions, well they seem to range up and down at an extremely fast pace almost enough to strap on a straight jacket and call me Bipolar!

I have to go do laundry now, one of the many gruelsome activites we humans have to partake in but I'm sure i'll add onto this later.


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