a 19-year-old female from Sydney, Australia

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"My thoughts are stars i cannot father into constellations" :D - John Greene

Heyyo!! My names Shaan!!!

I have an account for books on Wattpad as well and i'm just gonna copy that bio :P so soz not soz if it's not creative enough.. anyways.. on with it...

I'm a pretty random person and I may insult you without noticing it... So I'm saying sorry that I didn't know in advance :D

I'm Bi but. hey. I Hate labels.. Yep.. I really don't care who I end up with in life as long as I love them

I have NOT come out yet so that name up there's ^ fake :/ but the pics real..  Okay no the names real.. No one I know will probably ever find me on here anyways and if you do know me then. Hi I'm Bi sorry I never told you.. not really. Since it's none of your business.

If you want to get to know ME then feel free to talk to me :) I don't bite

I hate any type of conflict BUT if I have a strong opinion of what I or anyone else have then I'm not afraid to argue my reasons.

Im 16 i love to play sports all the time...  well sorta. i love to listen to music OBVIOUSLY what teenager wouldn't. I'm a tomboy but i get into the girl stuff from time to time :D

Uhh I'm never the one to make the first move, like ever :P

I have 5 sisters and 1 brother. I am the youngest.. Meaning I'm spoilt, not really.. Okay I am. Only begged them to buy tickets to Beyoncé till they caved

er i suck at school and every year i give my self the biggest pep talk saying Im gonna do better but by the end of the year i get my report card and seeing straight Cs just screams

"yeah you did better.. NOT"

But i try.. Wait i dont so YEAH

What I hate most is that if I ever think of coming out I know that my family will never accept me... They are okay with the LGBT community in society but not if you are family.. Because in my religion it's a serious sin and that's what the prophet says but I can't help if I find a girl attractive or if I am infatuated by a women's physique ;)

yep so that's me. Bye!


You should be able to love who you love if it's a man or women. Transgendered or not.

Emma stone is so effing sexy too... I love you


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