a 19-year-old girl from NJ, United States

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"If seeing is believing seeing?"

Hello and welcome to my page. This is where you will learn all about me! If you want to of course.

I'm a 13 year old girl. My birthday is August 22nd and I'm proud of it too. My grandpa was born on the same day, though in Hawaii time, and so was Howie Dorough.

I'm the darkest of my sisters. I look the most Puerto Rican, while my sister looks Irish and my oldest sister looks totally German. I take mostly after my mom, except my height because any day now I'm going to be her height and taller. Right now I stay an inch behind at 4'10.

I have two sisters and I'm the youngest. I don't mind though because AJ and I always hang out. We like going to the park. We're almost like best friends. Though we do fight often, she's awesome!

I'm in 8th grade now somehow! I thought for sure I would have to take seventh grade again because of my poor grades, but I ended up getting them all up just in time! I'm happy I made it to 8th, I've never stayed back a year ever! Plus, I always got B's and A's. Now it's mostly A's, B's, and C's.

I love writing and I've been writing ever since I could remember. Except...I remember liking math the most. But then as I grew up and both of my sister's were writing, I took an interest in it and I tried. My teachers said I was a great writer and all them encouraged me to keep going with writing. And I soon started hating math just like everyone else in the world.

At first I started writing things that were only a couple pages. I think five was my longest story. But now I can write up to sixty pages. I still want to get up to 100, but I'm sure I'll get to that when I get a bit older.

Both my sisters say I'm a fantastic writer for my age and I like when they say that to me. It makes me feel really good because I know not everyone can write. Even if they want to. I just have a natural ability I guess. It kinda runs in the family from my mom because my mom and my sisters all write. My oldest sister is great at poetry, my older sister is great at both, and I'm great at stories.

I joined Protagonize because I always wanted my work to be shown and I wanted critique other than my family. So I know for sure that my family wasn't just lying telling me I was good. It seems like a lot of people like my writing though.

I also like talking to everyone on here. Everyone is so different and I like that! It seems that most people are accepting to everyone's difference's too.

In school I don't talk much, but I have three main friends. Mateusz (It's polish), Jason, and Victoria. They're often my inspiration when I see them. My family is too.

I like comments, they get me motivated. So if you could, try to comment me if you want to read more of my chapters! Comments seriously do motivate me.

My favorite movies? Hm.

Finding Neverland is one for sure! Um then there's also Elizabeth Town,  A lot of the Alice in Wonderland movies, Pirates of Caribbean, Benny and Joon. There's so many awesome movies out there! Finding Nemo, Cars, Shrek, Monsters Inc., Toy Story 1 2 & 3. Ice Age 1 2 & 3. There's so many great movies out there that I love!

Favorite music?

I love country music and I listen to Backstreet Boys. Some pop I find is actually good. I do not like rap though. I like Avril Lagvine and some rock. Bon Jovi is defiantly awesome! But...not much else. Simple Plan and some Green day is awesome too!

Is there more to tell?

OH! And I also love Andrew Lee Potts as the Hatter! Lol.Right now I'm totally addicted to Alice in Wonderland! I just love it!

"You do." Me!
"Life doesn't make've got to make sense of it." Me
"Life is like a river, it isn't always clear, but it's always moving forward." Me

You need to feel what your characters feel, cry with your characters, know your character inside and out to be a true writer.

If seeing is believing seeing?

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