just a ragamuffin from Hogwarts,Westeros,Middleshire

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"Damn." - The Usual Me, by Myself

What's so good about Grimmknight Grape?  Nawthing. Why am I even here if I have a Watty account and a WordPress hideout? Why tho? 

For the love of his majestic Grimeyness, I am here.

Actually, there was a long story and complicated reason why am I here.

What the wankersmashy--I dunno what to write in thia fancy, shiny bio.

I tell you I'm not a very good writer bro. Not even close to promising. Sometimes even terrible, corrupt, sinful and a writer who fell from grace. But I do not write out of want; I write out of need. I will die if I won't write. But just like food, I have no clear idea of what I'm going to write about.

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