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"I make no apologies for who I am, Vaya Con Dios <3"

My best writing advice to date?

  • Bookmark and search that thesaurus like an addict :)
  • Re-read out load and ask yourself, "Is what I want to hear written here?"
  • If I took a look at your writing and you'd like me to stop by again (however many times) just leave me a comment. Feedback is a two way street in more ways than one (follow-up, returning the favor, reading suggestions ;], etc.,)
  • The Bookshelf Muse has an amazing set of thesaurus: Emotion, Setting, Color, Texture, Shape and Symbolism. ABUSE THEM :) (simply scroll down and watch the right of the page)


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I'm quick to rise
Savoring the waking of the morning
I'm quick to see but slow to understand
Watching for little clues that elude me
The meaning of life
The keys to my soul
The answers to the whys
I never find them
I'm content without them
I know who I am
I know what I am
I know why I am
I know the meaning of my life
I know where the door to my soul is
I know some answers to some of my whys
I know how to smile, when to cry, how to laugh
I am just I a simple girl
With hope abound
Faith overwhelming
Talent exceeding
Love so rich
And I revel in my little
I am quick to rise
Appreciate a bad day
And understand none of all
A simple girl I am
With wide eyes, pen and paper.

After an extremely long hiatus from life turning itself upside-down, I've tentatively returned. There's quite a bit I've missed....

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