a 23-year-old female from the United States

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"I have no delusions of divinity. We are men, not gods. Man is his own god, his own devil, his own death--we are created in our own image, yet imprisoned by the face we call our own." ~BlackMask

I've been away for a while, studying English Literature.

Since I've been away, I've gotten 3 short stories published in 3 different magazine and have begun writing a science fiction novel.

I really love what I started writing on this website in '09 so I've begun a revamping project redoing the 18 chapters that I've written on here back then (I've deleted them and will upload them as I go). I am really hoping to finally finish this story

I like Irish Black Tea, Chai Tea, and COFFEE. I LOVE sushi, and while most people are either cat people or dog people (I do love both), I am a ferret person through and through.

I'm currently in Grad school, but I will keep posting my chapters as much as I can.

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