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"i want to here a poem where ideas kiss similes so deeply that metaphors get jealous."

It's all been done before. Whatever I put here has been said. Every single word i can think of has been used.
As much as I'd like to set myself apart, and despite my efforts to do so, I know, as well as the next intelligent person,that no one is ENTIRELY unique. Were we all unique, different would be a trend. I refuse to sit here and advertise myself in a text box on a website. I am ever-evolving as is everyone else. This is why I'm not asking you to read a huge ass novel on a random website about a random girl and her random life. All I ask is that you form your own opinions and schema about me because after all, to the world, I am nothing more than a perception.

[Tid Bits]
-- I am 17 years old --
-- I have strong convictions, and i stand by what i think/say --

Yes, this is for all you two faced &@%@*es, hoes with three functioning brain cells, mediocre friends, back stabbing liars, hypocrites, self centered narcissists, spineless creeps, and those who's attention to friendship could increase.

-- We are nothing more than what the world sees in us. -- There is a big difference between confidence and ego. -- Trust takes a long time to gain, sometimes forever. -- But, respect should be given to everyone initially -- Expression, through any means, is the most important translation of identity -- Opinions make us stronger -- Judgments are NOT insults, but rather, opinions -- Reactions aren't always necessary, nor justified, though frequent. -- Over thinking causes fear and inhibition. -- So, naivety can be good. -- Spite is the most heartless of motives.-- %##% talking behind people's backs proves the lack of a back bone. -- Fear of self analysis is normal -- Being sad is hard. But you won't feel better unless you try to. -- Selflessness does not lead to instant gratification. -- Even anti-materialists are materialistic. -- The world would not exist without mystery, contradiction -- The ignorant and the uninformed are not one in the same. -- Convictions are the only way to make yourself known and understood. --

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