an 18-year-old cat from England

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"Warrior cats!!! "If there is a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." --Toni Morrison"

Name: Gracelove otherwise known as Grainne (nickname:Grace)

Loves and likes: books, manga books, reading and writing.

Loves: manga books and anime

Loves: watch the harry potter flims and the simpsons along with family guy

I'm a tall girl with lots of imagination.

I hate tests a lot but love go to English(the class)

I love making new friends like:


or Spookofnight,



everyone else whos friendly and sweet as candy and cookies and kp and Atomic betty and anime girls and hamsome as the oh boyz lead singer from kp!(well you know what i mean right?)

Fave books/authors/tv shows/Movies:

The Hunger games trilogy

warrior cats

Kim possible

Atomic betty

Danny Phantom


Winx club

The hunger games

Suzanne Collins

My stories:

Melody charm

Sora-his story


Winx club forever

Kim possible (what should happend)

Pixie's Tale

Dream fighers

The Between reality Adventures

Icy waves and sonic blue flowers

and the branches of mine

on Supers, The Protagonize Bus (The Continuation),

Leaving you helpless

Mini Saga Challenge(plus more of my stories are on my profile plz check them out for me!)

Here are my pentions that i'm runing feel free to sign them!

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