a bird from Calgary, AB, Canada

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"Your heart is my piñata." - Chuck Palahniuk

I am a dreamer, a writer, a poet, and an artist. I'm not great at any of those yet, but I'm slowly getting better. That picture is me on vacation... good times. :]

I like music a lot. I've been attached to my iPod more than usual lately... Most of my stories will probably be inspired by a combination of my life and my music. I don't listen to any specific genres, really. I just find stuff I like and listen to that. :] Coldplay makes me really happy in the saddest way. I like Norah Jones, I find her music pretty sensual. I like dancey music, like songs by JUNIOR SENIOR and Los Campesinos! and Goldfrapp. I listen to some Top 40... American Boy feat. Kanye West by Estelle, Golddigger feat. Jamie Foxx by Kanye West, and Lights are some of my favourites. I really like Jack Johnson and the Killers. I don't know... maybe you don't care? Anyway, that's pretty much what I am right now.

The only other things you need to know are that I have AD/HD (like all the great writers :P), anxiety issues, and have an unhealthy obsession with frozen food. Oh and I fear rejection so LOVE ME. Haha, just kidding. Or... am I? :] I don't feel like adding any more literal jokes so...

Aufwedershen! (Not spelled right/give no crap.)

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