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"Sharing with people, I'm always impressed at how they share back."

I guess it would probably be useless to say that I love writing...But I'm going to anyway.

I am a young female, fourteen, actually, and I hate giving my writing to people I know. They never offer any feedback. They just say, "Oh, very nice, dear." And then give it back with a flourish.

I can get some feedback here. No one knows me, and they don't have to be scared to offend me.

Be brutal with me. I really need it.


Writing has become my life. It's almost like my therapy, my outlet into life. When I'm depressed or angry or scared, the best thing for me to do is to write something. I started writing at the age twelve(I'm thirteen now) and I'm about half-way through my first manuscript.

There. Now you know why I write. *Winks*



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