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"To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will" - Sugar Ray Robinson

Hi, everyone. I'm new to writing so any feedback is highly encouraged.

Posting Times (The important stuff):
I will most definitely post Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday

I will never post Friday or Saturday (Need a break to come up with ideas :) 

Some personal stuff about myself:

  • I run Cross Country + Track & Field
  • I dabble in photography, collages, and writing (obviously)
  • I want to get a savannah (the cat, not the grasslands in Africa) and a saarloos wolfdog
  • Favorite books (where do I start?)

                     *Twilight Saga

                     *Hunger Game Trilogy

                     *Mortal Instruments Series

                     *Inheritance Cycle

                     *Vampire Academy Series

                     *Uglies Series

                     *Maze Runner trilogy

...and this is the point where all the books I read start blurring together. So I'll update this when I remember ha ha


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